Culpeper Felines & Friends provided free spay/neuter services to 397 "Community Cats" that live in Culpeper County, Virginia. These cats were either free roaming colony cats that had a caregiver or they were friendly cats that we sterilized through one of our programs in an effort to reduce unwanted animals being surrendered to the local Shelter. 

We adopted 268 cats into new loving homes and combined with the 397 "Community Cats", Culpeper Felines & Friends was able to assist 665 cats in a positive way. We strive to be financial responsible to ensure all donations are stretched to their maximum capability. 

2017 Financial Details

VETERINARY: Includes Spay/Neuters, Wellness Exams, Vaccinations, and
                           Medications  -  $ 33,434.95
VEHICLE (VAN) : Includes Personal Property Taxes (County & Town) &
                                Total Insurance  -  $ 1,915.32
OFFICE SUPPLIES : Treasurer/Secretary: Includes Printing, Stamps &      
                                     Special Postage, P.O. Box Rental &
                                      Phone Service  -  $ 340.19
STATE FEES  -  $ 75.00
TOTAL EXPENSES = $ 36,095.46 


ADOPTIONS - $ 16,130.00
COIN BOXES - $ 2,232.42

TOTAL ALL INCOME = $ 26,820.66

Our Mission

Culpeper Felines & Friends is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization, dedicated to improving the lives of companion animals in our local community, Culpeper County, Virginia. Finding permanent and loving homes for the cats in our care and to control the overpopulation of unwanted cats and kitten through several sterilization programs we operate.

* We transfer healthy and adoptable cats from our local shelter and find homes for them through Petsmart and our foster homes.

*We offer Trap-Neuter-Return services to Culpeper County residents that are feeding outdoor cats, want to keep them and can't afford to fix them. Donations are welcome, but not required.

*We work closely with Culpeper County Animal Shelter and offer FREE spays to anyone that is willing to keep the "Mom" cat and surrenders a litter of kittens to the shelter. This program is our SAM Program (Spay A Mom)

*We offer low-cost Spay/Neuter services to owned house cats. Our philosophy is that your cat has a home and if we can fix it and you keep it then everyone wins. There are already enough unwanted cats at the shelter. This program takes the lowest priority, and depends on our funding, but female cats are always given priority to the next available surgery opening.